Friday, August 21, 2009

Is it possible to have 2 antivirus programs at once?

Just curious about this. I know you can have multiple antispyware programs. What happens if you have 2 antivirus utilities?

Is it possible to have 2 antivirus programs at once?antivirus

You could have two antivirus programs on your computer but these two antivirus programs will "compete" each other......

Just stick with the antivirus you trusted most and uninstall the other one..

Hope this helps!

Is it possible to have 2 antivirus programs at once?computer

yes, it is possible to have 2 anti-virus programs... but it is not advisable because it will eat up a lot of memory and system resources. they will also compete with each other, that is, they will detect or quarantine or heal a virus file at the same time, and this may result to a chaotic system. it is best to just keep one anti-virus program that has an updated virus list.
I once installed NOD32 and AVG 7.5 antivirus.NOD stopped working!
Having more than one antivirus program active in memory uses additional resources and can result in program conflicts and false virus alerts.

Your best defense against computer viruses and malicious programs is to keep your virus definitions up to date

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